Temporary, voluntary, and compensated measures…

The System Conservation Pilot Program (SCPP) was a 4-year pilot program designed to explore potential solutions, address declining water levels in Lakes Mead and Lake Powell and the potential for long-term drought in the Upper Colorado River Basin. The program implemented and tested on-the-ground water conservation opportunities that may be helpful in managing ongoing record drought conditions in the Colorado River Basin.

The purpose of the program was to explore and learn about the effectiveness of temporary, voluntary, and compensated measures that could be used, when needed, to help maintain water levels in Lake Powell necessary to protect Colorado River compact entitlements and hydroelectric power production.

The SCPP concluded in 2018 in order for the Commission to focus on outstanding considerations related to demand management given its role in the Upper Basin Drought Contingency Plan. A report on the implementation of the SCPP was completed for the first three years of the program (2015-2017) and a report update for 2018 reflects the final year of the SCPP.