The Upper Colorado River Commission (UCRC) is an interstate water administrative agency established by action of five state legislatures and Congress with the enactment of the 1948 Upper Colorado River Basin Compact. The Commission’s role is to ensure the appropriate allocation of water from the Colorado River to the Upper Division States of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico and to ensure compliance with the 1922 Colorado River Compact to the Lower Division States of Nevada, Arizona, and California and to the Republic of Mexico.

The Commission seeks to promote interstate comity, remove causes of present and future controversies, and to assure the storage of water and agricultural and industrial development of the Upper Basin. The Commission is comprised of one representative appointed by the Governor of each Upper Division State and one member appointed by the President to represent the United States.

Meet Our Commissioners

Federal Appointee to the Commission, Chair
Ms. Becky Mitchell
Ms. Becky Mitchell
Commissioner for Colorado
Director, Colorado Water Conservation Board
Mr. Patrick Tyrrell
Mr. Patrick Tyrrell
Commissioner for Wyoming
Former Wyoming State Engineer (Retired)
Mr. Gene Shawcroft
Mr. Gene Shawcroft
Commissioner for Utah
General Manager, Central Utah Water Conservancy District
Mr. John D'Antonio
Mr. John D'Antonio
Commissioner for New Mexico
New Mexico State Engineer

UCRC Responsibilities

Some of the primary responsibilities of the UCRC outlined in the Upper Colorado River Basin Compact of 1948 include:


Assisting with the initial location-siting, establishment, construction, abandonment, operation, and maintenance of streamgages in the Upper Basin.


Assisting with estimation of forecast water runoff on the Colorado River and its tributaries.

Rules and Regulations

Assisting the Upper Division States with the adoption of Rules and Regulations that pertain to Colorado River operations in the Upper Basin.

Data Analysis

Analyzing, correlating, preserving, and reporting on data related to streamflow, storage, diversion, and use of the Colorado River and its tributaries.


Findings as to the quantity of the Upper Colorado River System used each year in the Upper Basin, and in each State.

Water Deliveries

Findings as to the quantity of water deliveries at Lee Ferry during each water year.

Water Use

Findings as to the necessity for and the extent of curtailment of water use required, if any.

Reservoir Losses

Findings as to the quantity of reservoir losses and the share chargeable to each of the States.

Meet Our Staff

Ms. Sara Larsen
Ms. Sara Larsen
Interim Executive Director
Mr. Don Ostler
Mr. Don Ostler
Staff Engineer
Ms. TeriKay Gomm
Ms. TeriKay Gomm
Executive Assistant Office Manager

Representing the four Upper Division States (WY, CO, UT, and NM), and located in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

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